Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Feline Healthcare Gap

Cats are America’s most popular companion, with an astounding 93.6 million cats living in the US households. Yet cats are much less likely to enjoy regular veterinary care. Unfortunately, only about 45% of cats go to the veterinarian for routine exams, and 20% are taken only when they are sick.* This leaves millions of cats untreated for illness, pain and discomfort. One of the most common reasons cat owners cite for not taking their cat to the vet is the stress it causes both cat and owner.

Aren't those statistics sad? We think they are. But, we also think that Clipnosis has the potential to increase the overall health of cats by easing the stress cats feel when they have to visit the veterinarian. By using Clipnosis in your clinic, and showing clients how to properly use it, together we can minimize the anxiety associated with vet visits and help increase cat visits to your clinic.

Give Clipnosis a try! We offer a special Trial Pack, which contains two large clips and two small clips. Clipnosis affects cats in different ways, so try it on multiple cats. We'll be posting soon about how the effectivemess of Clipnosis varies among cats.

* APPA 2009 - 2010 National Pet Owners Survey

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