Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clipnosis and Kittens

We've been asked "Is Clipnosis safe for kittens" many times since its introduction, and the answer is an emphatic YES! In fact, there are several reasons why using Clipnosis on kittens makes perfect sense.

First, remember that Clipnosis simulates the same response in kittens as when their mother picks them up by their scruff. They go limp, blocking the "fight or flight" instinct, which allows the mother cat to move and carry their kittens at will. Kittens instinctively react to Clipnosis.

Second, cats become more relaxed and tolerant to being clipped with repeated experience. Using Clipnosis on kittens, and continuing its use as they age, will allow them to get used to the effect and even welcome it!

Jaycee the kitten readily accepted Clipnosis and became very still while it was applied. With Clipnosis applied, a veterinarian or vet tech would have been able to have both hands free to groom her, clip her nails, or even give her a vaccination.

We believe Clipnosis can radically change the way vets and tech (and groomers) handle cats, and can dramatically reduce the stress both cats and owners feel when taking them to routine vet appointments.

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